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The purpose of this Wiki is to complement the healthcare system by giving more power to patients, by providing knowledge about their ailments and conditions. The idea is that people themselves describe their symptoms and upload related media, e.g. images. Medicine students or other people interested in getting some practice in their knowledge may then discuss the description and corresponding media. Request for further description and media is made, and on the basis of this, a diagnosis is proposed by consensus.

Even after a patient has had a proper diagnosis from a IRL visit to a doctor, Diagnosis may still be used as a complement, with the addition of e.g. blood values and other advanced information.

In this way, Diagnosis is like a Wikipedia, but with individual cases instead of e.g. an illness generally.

After a while, patients may find a correlating case among the ones already present.


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Pharyngitis, used in the first example case. Author: Dake.

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6 May 2008
Diagnosis is now proposed as a sister project in Wikimedia. See Wikimedia - proposals

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