This is a tutorial, following the case Man, 20, with sore throat and fever (example case). A case doesn't need to follow exactly this order.

  • First, the patient writes a short explanation of the disease, preferably in addition to starting listing symptoms and uploading appropriate images, see first entry by patient
  • A medical student or other medically interested person fills in any missing symptom, perhaps specifying them. Even if very uncertain, he or she writes about possible causes and treatment. See first entry by diagnoser
  • The patient provides further information. See second entry by patient
  • This information may substantially change the possible causes and treatment, in this case pointing towards a strep throat. See second entry by diagnoser
    • In addition, it leads to new further questions. See Discussion
  • Furthermore, other diagnosers may discuss and contribute, perhaps including a possible diphteria. See Discussion
  • Addition of categories makes it easier for other people with similar symptoms or other features to find the same case. See Addition of categories